Hey! I’m not dead! Just busy writing a novel/novella not really sure yet. I have been averaging a thousand words a day and I need to publish something. So, here you go an oldie, but hopefully it’s good.


My mind is splintered, ever breaking

Do you know what it’s like to have what is you constantly quaking?

There’s two sides of me

One I let free on society

the one most people see

The other side is like a disease Continue reading “Bipolar”


I remember fragile hands leading kissed thread through the eye of a needle. She taught me how to sew. I remember her never eating at the kitchen table, she preferred a plastic plate to eat every single meal on, I remember her shuffling across the carpet apologizing for passing the TV. I want to remember everything she ever meant to me, my grandmother was amazing. She would sit in her chair and just think about her life. And you feared the phone’s ring because it might bring someone for her to talk to for two hours. The person on the other line deserved her time because they had simply called.

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