Update & A Poem: Sky

One quick thing before I give you today’s short poem, there is another part of my story coming later tonight at around five thirty. I am wondering how you are liking the site so far, I never imagined that I would ever enjoy writing this much. I have wrote more over the last couple days than I have in the last six months. Occasionally I would write a small poem for my girlfriend, Adi the sexy canine. But who could help it? Every bit of her is poetry. And now if she reads this, on her tiny phone that reads paws instead of fingers, she will call me a nerd (her term of endearment). Anyway, enough about things that could win me extra doggie treats. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment, drop me a like, or maybe follow me. This is A.B. and I WILL KILL YOUR FAMILY, YOU ACCURSED SQUIRREL! enjoy… (read my About Me to be in on that joke)

 Broke my fist on the sky. Bound it with a gauze of clouds. Let the shattered bones mend, let the blood pretend it never fell among the crowds. Those people that ascend mountain tops to watch me try again. To witness me break the sky. To watch me soar, to watch me fly.


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