We drove down the unlit road

My ambitions thrown

Our headlights cut the dark night

like a ship slicing ice

each crackle of every shadowy glacier

sent my very nerves ashiver

and I prayed a word my mouth could deliver

But my throat stayed fastened

unable to voice this compassion

Heart did pound

when you uttered that sound

“Where are we going?”

Your sweet voice tricked my brain into slowing

“I don’t know.”

I have no road map tattooed on my arm to show

My veins do not glow


I just simply want to go

Then you said “Oh.”

Then say



I am caught in my delight

But that unlit road offers one more fright

The glaring of a single headlight

I am struck cold by that

it staring like the lone gold eye of a pitch black cat


But you are a wonder wrapped

In a purple cardigan, keeping my mind trapped

Your small hand creeps on mine and my fear is sapped


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