Welcome to Saturday Spam Day! Enjoy the first of several posts on this great day off. This is A.B. and let’s make this a thing.


They call her unattractive, unsightly, and ugly. But don’t let me catch you saying such. I kicked a boy in the nuts for that much. And he just called her a but-her-face. The phrase cruel people use to say that they like her that way and everything else except for her face fits into place.

Why does it matter?

She had a voice like wet tissues that stuck to every word for too long, and left residue on everything. But she had skin that felt like silk though was ninety percent lotion. She had hair as black as an oil filled ocean and just as greasy. But that didn’t mean much to me, because she had a heart like a catcher’s mitt that caught me when I fell for her friend.

We don’t need a comity to figure out the pity. She was good girl to love me. To cut her soft hands on the clay shards of my heart. She managed it though, with no instructions and not enough glue. She was there when I was pathetic, though everyone focused on her aesthetics. Everyone remembers her large teeth but no one remembers her lips so big they struggled to smile. But I do, they tasted like oranges and like everything else about her left a residue on me.

But even in the back of my mind I thought I was the one that was pretty.

Our relationship ended before it could start. You see the ugliest thing about April was the face she made when I broke her heart.


P.S. I love Adi and only Adi. These are just something to write about, something sad. Good morning Tramps and Ladies, and I love you Adi you big ball of poofiness.





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