Lithium Battery

Before anyone freaks out, this is an old poem. Peace out, A.B.


Caution! Person contains lithium battery, do not tamper with or touch! Product is already damaged but not that much. At least that’s what everyone keeps telling him. Person runs on a lithium battery because person cannot function without it. Person is sick of the lithium power cell making him gain weight, the  hunger he cannot sate, and constant hand shakes. Person is about ready to remove battery through force. Every other person says he needs to get over things faster. Everyone else hates the battery! And… 

Caution! Person contains lithium battery. Do not love, do not date, do not look his way. Do say yes to a date and then fully reject him on said date. 

I never asked for this! You think I want to spend the rest of my life missing work, hating school, hating myself! The loneliness you feel when you are forced to sit inside your own head! You think I can just feel better, just train my brain! How do you walk when the smartest person in your life tells you will never set another step to pavement? The answer is you don’t, you accept your lithium battery as payment. Pray your family never has to use bereavement on you. The battery is my false limbs. They look nice, they fill me in. But I will never walk again.

Caution! Person contains lithium battery and is therefore incapable of doing anything right.


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