Hey! I’m not dead! Just busy writing a novel/novella not really sure yet. I have been averaging a thousand words a day and I need to publish something. So, here you go an oldie, but hopefully it’s good.


My mind is splintered, ever breaking

Do you know what it’s like to have what is you constantly quaking?

There’s two sides of me

One I let free on society

the one most people see

The other side is like a disease

constantly, endlessly, relentlessly

Trying to take control of me

Now a lunatic you think me

All I want is a scrap of sanity

One I may embrace and hold

and passion like mine in her soul

But now I would feel a conflicted joy

If I were to seize her heart like a toy

Who am I to receive love

From such a snow white dove?

For I am like an old bird it’s true

skinny, half molted, and beak askew

I might as well lie down

and wait for my light to go out

I will never feel love

Never capture that dove

For you see there are two sides of me

The one I have deemed fit for society

The other is a disease

whose loneliness needs

yearns for someone to ease

Maybe the one with the broken mind

Needs to simply die

and leave his insanity behind


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