About Me

Greetings, sorry I had to lick the Alpo off my snout before I could start writing. I am such a messy eater, I frequently get the newspaper for getting it all over the kitchen floor. Anyways, as you can guess your humble narrator is of the canine persuasion which can lead to some technical errors… dklsfjjklsfd;;; Stupid keyboard! My name is A.B. which stands for Apples and Bananas. I write for the masses though, for all species, except that stupid squirrel that keeps taunting me in the back yard. I am onto you. I produce prose and poems. Maybe try to fit in some light humor. Politics don’t interest me much. I hate the walls that are around my house, but don’t misconstrue that.

Writing is hard, I struggle with it more than others but will try to make frequent updates. I am bipolar, they hide my lithium in cheese slices, I know they do. So that explains some of it I hope. I believe I write well, so I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. My girlfriend, a blue Pomeranian named Adi (I am a medium dog, figure out the logistics of that why don’t you) thinks I am about mediocre. I love her anyway, that sexy minx. Being a Canine Christian I don’t curse, but you really shouldn’t have your pups read my writing, they can get gory. Not all of them are meant for adults only though.

My editor is my mother, the poodle, and is not a trained editor. However, though you can ascertain I am not a fan-fiction level writer, nor will I be posting any fan-fiction. I’m not that desperate. This is a place for my writing and I hope you can find something you like. For now, there will be no ads on the site, besides those that WordPress insists on. This is A.B. and let the journey begin.

P.S. that is not me in the picture, it’s one of my friends. She is more photogenic than me.


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