Hey! I’m not dead! Just busy writing a novel/novella not really sure yet. I have been averaging a thousand words a day and I need to publish something. So, here you go an oldie, but hopefully it’s good.


My mind is splintered, ever breaking

Do you know what it’s like to have what is you constantly quaking?

There’s two sides of me

One I let free on society

the one most people see

The other side is like a disease Continue reading “Bipolar”



Adi, fellow canines, my mother, this is an old poem. Having a hard time at my first novel, currently. This is how I got over people back then. Now I just use angry music and poetry.

You make me want to turn the veins on my arms into zippers. When I see your eyes I want to stick red hot pokers into my own. I cannot be around you. Continue reading “You”


Welcome to Saturday Spam Day! Enjoy the first of several posts on this great day off. This is A.B. and let’s make this a thing.


They call her unattractive, unsightly, and ugly. But don’t let me catch you saying such. I kicked a boy in the nuts for that much. And he just called her a but-her-face. The phrase cruel people use to say that they like her that way and everything else except for her face fits into place.

Why does it matter?

Continue reading “Ugly”